Eloise Brodeur: Seeking Understanding Through Cows

E. Brodeur -- 2017-best-friends

Eloise Brodeur, “Best Friends” (2017)


The cow as a principal subject of painting may seem an odd choice.  But Montreal artist, Eloise Brodeur, has elevated the bovine creature to a sort of muse.   By painting images of her cows against a stark background of a single color, Brodeur suggests to her viewers that there is communion to be had between creatures and people and that perspective should cause us to reflect on our individual and collective lives.

From my own experience, cows seem to be naturally curious creatures, even if they are often skittish around strangers.  Brodeur seems to capture that sense of curiosity and sensitive feeling in her images.

More of Brodeur’s intriguing work can bee seen on her artist site or at the site for Galerie Got Montreal, which represents her work.

Eloise Brodeur, “Just Another Ordinary Day” (2013)


Eloise Brodeur, “Candy” (2015)


Eloise Brodeur, “Cherries and Memories” (2016)


Eloise Brodeur, “Bisou” (2017)


Eloise Brodeur, “Vote For Me” (2011)

Image Credits: Eloise Brodeur

26 responses

  1. As someone who grew up in the self-proclaimed dairy center of the world (Enosburg Falls, Vermont), I was immediately drawn to these paintings. The bovines crowned king and queen of June Dairy Day, Maple Mabel and Jake the Steak, would have loved to have had formal portraits done to commemorate the occasion.

  2. A friend of my wife, a really talented painter, painted this amazing picture of a cow. The cow emits a sense of true sadness for some reason. It is an amazing painting … and, as you indicated in your introduction, she can’t find a buyer for it!

  3. I agree, very comforting in mood, as Lynette already observed — but these works also make me think of two other eminent Canadian artists who did work featuring cows: Joe Fafard’s cow sculptures that comprise “The Pasture,” TD Centre; and at least one painting by Paul-Emile Borduas, “Untitled (Cows on a Hillside),” in the AGO permanent collection, though to my eye some of his black/white abstracts make me think of Holstein cows!

    • Penny, thanks for making those connections. I’ve seen and photographed the sculptures of “The Pasture”. I need to go look at the painting by Borduas.

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