“Woke Up This Morning” on CBC Radio

Although I’ve not posted much about music on O’Canada, exploring music and its many genres is one of my favorite pastimes.  While I’ve been clued in to some great Canadian music through CBC Radio over the years, the diverse programming of CBC Radio One is such that I’ve also discovered from time to time new (for me) American pieces. Such was the case earlier this week as I listened to “As It Happens” , which is hosted by Carol Off and Jeff Douglas.  On that particular evening, the show payed homage to Claude Sitton, a journalist who passed away this week and who covered many of the key events of the early 1960s civil rights movement, by closing out with “Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Freedom)” performed by The SNCC Freedom Singers.  It’s a powerful song. Video below.

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  1. Oh, this made me happy. As an academic, I focused a lot of my research on the songs of the Civil Rights Movement and this rendition is one of my favorites.

  2. Interesting that this powerful song would have popped up on the canadian boring (oops, I mean broadcasting ) corporation. It’s truly an anthem of a generation. Yes, like many canadians, I’m all too familiar with the show As it Happens. With Carol Off’s whiny voice and Jeff Douglas’ irritating maritime twang (he is unable to pronounce the letters “AR” – they come out as “ER” ) plus the lame stories they frequently present, the program is yet another CBC mediocrity. But then canada is all about mediocrity. I know – I live here!

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