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    • Teri, thanks. Your site is quite informative. I also like how many of the sites I visit related to Canada have also been visited by you as indicated by your “Likes” that precede me. We travel in good circles.

  1. I love your site and was wondering if you would mind if I highlighted it on the blog of my daytime business.……we conduct a number of classes for new Canadians on social etiquette, things uniquely Canadian
    etc…..your blogroll would be a great intro for them to get to know Canada.Please let me know.

    • Thanks for your kind comments! Please feel free to use my site as you suggest if that’s useful to you. I also added the Canadian School of Protocol to my blogroll. Is the Smitten Egg written out of Canada as well?

      Take care and best wishes, Brett

    • Anna, thanks for your nice comments. I regularly come across many terrific Canadian sites and blogs — like yours (which I’ve added!) — but due to juggling too many things I sometimes overlook including them. There’s a great deal of richness within Canadian arts, letters and culture! Best, Brett

  2. Very interesting website. Just a note to clarify where the old railroad bridge is located. It is at the entrance to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, and the body of water is Allain’s Creek/River which flows into the Annapolis River in the background. Beautiful pic. Annapolis Royal is my home town. I also enjoyed the article on the tombstones in the Fort Anne Cemetery. Check the Annapolis Royal website for more interesting activities of this area.

    • Jeanne, thanks for clarifying that. I’m also glad you like the photos and other things on the site. Annapolis Royal is a gorgeous place in so many ways. Best, Brett

    • Hi, Gwen, I’m on Twitter as CanadaShadow (!), but I don’t use it to full advantage. Nice to see some of the things you’ve been writing about lately!

      Best, Brett

  3. Hi Brett,

    Would you be so kind as to add our link ( to the list above? We’re an online Canadian only art gallery that features artists and photographers from across Canada.



    • Hi, Anna, thanks for making me aware of what you’re doing with Artzila. I’ve added a link to the site under Visual Arts and look forward to exploring the works of the artists you exhibit. Best, Brett

    • Hi, Rib, thanks for letting me know about Wall Hop! I just added it to the list of visual arts sites listed. I also need to spend time exploring your site — it looks like you have some very accomplished artists and some amazing art showcased at Wall Hop! All the best to you!


  4. Hi Brett, thanks for the like on my blog, I’m new to this and I really appreciate the support.

    I’ve only been to Canada once but I really want to go again so I’ll definitely be getting tips from here before I go. Also this page with all the links is great and really nice that you’re supporting other local bloggers, keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Brett, I follow your blog sometime ago, and was wondering if know or have any information about old barns in Canada, I am working in a photographic project about them, and would love to find more info. Thanks so much in advance!

    (I love your blog!)

  6. Thank you for including my blog in your links. I’m impressed by how widely you have travelled, I gather still travel, in this country. Is it your work that takes you coast to coast to coast? Or is it all done somehow in your own free time?

    • Hi, Penny, pretty much my free time — so I come about my interest honestly, as they say. I lean toward places with great outdoor beauty and Canada has more than its share so it’s a wonderful place to explore!

  7. This is a really neat Blog I was looking for something to do with OCanada and you came up I love all the Canadian links I have a Lifecasting Blog which includes writings, audio, and Lifecasts/vlogs from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, The GTA & My Trip to Nova Scotia you can find it at I am also on YouTube with my domain

    I think what you are doing is awesome.. please keep this going for as long as you can
    Matthew Dykstra

  8. Hi Brett, thanks for liking a recent post on my blog Exit Booted! As an American-born, Canadian-raised long-term expat in Japan, I make an effort to stay connected to my adopted homeland of Canada through regular visits in summer, blogging, and browsing/reading online. Your post Canada Blogs & Links is gonna give me a lot to stay connected to Canada now that I’m just back in Tokyo from my annual trip (Toronto; Mount Robson National Park)!

    Also wanted to say that you offer a lot of very positive and specific feedback on others’ blogs in your comments – that’s a very nice touch in a medium which tends towards the “I liked your blog!” (now like mine too) level of discourse. Thanks for raising the bar and blog comments!

    • Hi, Aaron, thanks for your kind comments. That’s quite a set of geographic ties you’re juggling! And glad to see that Canada and the U.S. are among them. I hope your journey is wonderful and safe. All the best, Brett

  9. Here’s a couple Canadian blogs that I quite enjoy:
    1) A wildlife photographer that works out of the Bragg Creek, Alberta, Chris Martin tells the stories behind how he gets his shots.
    2) Pix to Words. This blogger works in the Vancouver/Inner Passage area of BC and is very prolific, posting a photo and a poem that goes with it, every day. Right now he seems to be travelling away from Canada, but check out this old post…
    3) Paul Zizka is a photographer out of Banff, AB and his photography of mountain scenes is absolutely stunning.


    • Hi, Sheri, thanks for mentioning these! I know of Christopher Martin’s site but will check out the others and also add all to the above list. Best, Brett

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  11. Hi Brett,
    thanks so much for liking our latest blog 🙂
    Love your list … much information and great links !
    If you should ever come our way……stop by, have a look & grab a cold one 🙂
    Take care

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