Vintage Cover Art: The Goblin

Prior to the great stock market crash at the end of the decade and the ensuing economic chaos, the prevalent mood of the 1920s in many places was upbeat and carefree. Magazine covers from the era typify this, including these fabulous illustrations from Canada’s Goblin, a monthly humor magazine. ย Launched in 1921, it was in print for about ten years during which time its highly stylized, and at times witty, covers helped it to become Canada’s then most widely circulated magazine.







(Image Source: ย University of Toronto Archives)

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  1. I hadn’t heard of that magazine, but I’m sure the older generation will be more familiar with it (not that I’m that young anymore either)! There is a certain style to covers that reminds me of the kind of artwork used in comic books. The style really helps to “date” the work. Great post, Brett. I’ve learned something new about something old.

  2. I have always really appreciated illustrators. We live near the Norman Rockwell museum which has many magazine covers. Too many never thought of these illustrators as “real” artists. Your covers show that they certainly were.

  3. Wonderful art- work on these covers – so typical of the 1920s – one of my favourite decades!

    My late grandmother was a flapper at that time and probably would have read this publication although she never mentioned it.

    I have much of her old sheet music and the covers are very similar in design.

    Many thanks for bringing this magazine to light, Brett!

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