Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall . . .

a2Nova Scotia 2011068

Walking Path Along the Shore, Kejimkujik Seaside, N.S.

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

                                                    ~ Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Had to chuckle about Thoreau’s quote “breathe the air.” Our air quality has been so bad this summer with all the wildfires, that sometimes it’s been hard to do that. But it’s improving. And I know he assumes it’s clean air like it probably was in his day.

  2. I have a calendar on my refrigerator and this was in the September quotes shared. It is a pretty Thoreau one! He surely lived among nature and its beauty.
    I used to collect monthly poems and quotes and once a month post including international events. It was well received but so much work!
    This was during the two first years of blogging using only words to describe and illustrate writing.

  3. I love this Thoreau quote, Brett. And the photo! When I saw it, memories of my visit to NS when I was a child came flooding in. Interesting how a photo can elicit feelings and memories! Thank you! Cher xo

  4. We’re in the middle of Indian summer(is that not a proper thing to say any more?) It always gets very cold at the beginning of the month, almost enough to turn on the furnace, but then it bursts forth with warmth, the second crop of raspberries and the leaves turn. Don’t need to leave home to leaf peep!

  5. A wonderful image and quotation. The photo has a very “early fall” look to it with the blue/gray sky and tinge of red in the grasses.

    Nevertheless, it’s still “summer” here in southern Ontario with temperatures in the mid- to high 20s, and more to come.

    No complaints here; fall – then winter – will be here soon enough!

    Thanks for posting, Brett.

  6. Thank you so much Brett for liking my blog post I so appreciate it when fellow bloggers enjoy my posts . I will be following yours as well . Thanks again . Happy travels and keep on blogging 😉 !

  7. Love this quote and really anything by Thoreau. Always so full of inspiration. Thank you for sharing and reminding me. Amazing advice to live all of our days to the fullest. We never know if we see another season.

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