Canada’s Connection to Debunking Internet Nonsense

As we all know, for all the wonders that the Internet has to offer, it also makes available its fair share of misinformation.  This is most often seen in the ridiculous stories and urban legends that periodically make their way across the Web and into our e-mail inboxes.  As a measure of the craftiness with which many such tales are constructed, occasionally even major media outlets are fooled by false stories circulating across the Internet.   I expect that many readers when confronted with a dubious story that just doesn’t quite make sense do what I do, which is to go to ( and see if the matter has been debunked or validated,

The Snopes site, which has been doing its thing for about the past 15 or so years, is entertaining to peruse even if you are not then trying to sort fact from fiction.  So, it’s fitting, that Snopes — like much of  the entertainment industry below the 49th parallel, which, unbeknownst to many Americans, is actually stealthily populated by an inordinate number of Canadians — is run by a husband and wife team, one of whom, Barbara Mikkelson, is a Canadian citizen.  I like the idea that one of the best Web sites devoted to setting the record straight on Internet nonsense is animated, at least in good measure, by the down to earth Canadian sensibility.

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  1. I don’t know how to check on your site if this is true. Story is (you tube) that an boy with autism started playing dueling banjos with a movie person practicing the song; hence, the version appeared (without the boy) in the movie, “Deliverance.” True? or False? Thanks

  2. Is there a fake inbox message being sent to fFcebook users that contains a virus? I was sent a message stating from Facebook Security that threatened to block my account if I didnt respond, when I wrote to thm it said it could not be sent right now to try later. There was also a url link on the message that said contact us and when I clicked on it my virus protection went nuts, so I closed the page and came here to query this

  3. Is it true that Florida is now testing Welfare recipients for drugs and alcohol. If found to be using either they will be denied Welfare.
    Are the recipents being tested monthly?

    • Several US states across the south started testing this and found that drug use among welfare recipients was significantly lower that the rest of the population. It is estimated that they spent sixty million dollars to save two million. Now if they would only spend that much to recoup some of the offshore tax avoidance money; that would be money well spent.

  4. Rec’d an E mail on the bacteria absorbing power of Onions. It says if you cut the ends off an onion it will absorb flu virus etc. Is there anything to this.

  5. I had no idea that Snopes has a Canadian component – that makes me happy! Thanks for pointing this out, I also rely on Snopes to assist in discerning the truth. I feel like Canada / Canadians are viewed as somewhat guileless and this seems very fitting to me.

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