Saltscapes and Canadian Comfort Food

O’Canada Food Month / Installment 1

To ease the transition from my more typical discussions of arts and literature talk to food, I’ll  share some thoughts on Saltscapes magazine, a publication whose editorial offices are in Nova Scotia and which bills itself as Canada’s East Coast Magazine (and of which I’ve been a happy subscriber for the past couple of years).   One of its regular features is a section called “Kitchen Party,” which is usually comprised of about half a dozen short pieces and recipes focusing on regional cuisine.

A couple of weeks ago while skimming through the January 2013, I came across a recipe for PEI baked potato soup, which received a 1st place award in Saltscapes’ annual recipe contest for 2012.   Submitted by Heather Gunn McQuillian of Morell, PEI, the dish was super easy to make and its creamy heartiness provided a perfect antidote to the winter chill swirling outside.   (The recipe is not yet posted on the Saltscapes website.)  Other award-winning recipes in that issues include: fig, goat cheese & balsamic salad; savory pesto cheesecake; sherried mushrooms & brie; croustade oberland; country potato salad; and sweet potato & spinach pizza.

Heather Gunn McQuillian's PEI Baked Potato Soup

Heather Gunn McQuillian’s PEI Baked Potato Soup

The Saltscapes website and each issue of the magazine is packed with interesting content, including well written articles on local fare, cuisine and personalities.  On the website is an extensive recipe archive and index, several images from which are posted below.

Viewing the website, it’s apparent that the commitment of Saltscapes to the tastes and interests of the Atlantic Canada region extends beyond this magazine’s pages.  Among other things, there is a Saltscapes Restaurant & General Store outside of Truro, Nova Scotia, an annual Saltscapes Expo, an annual Food and Travel Guide, a separate Living Healthy magazine, an Eastern Woods & Waters online magazine, and a Saltscapes newsletter.  The magazine publishing business is a tough one in which to thrive, so I admire the entrepreneurial resourcefulness of those behind the various enterprises affiliated with Saltscapes.  By organizing and showcasing all these activities, they serve as exceptional ambassadors for Canadian cuisine and the Atlantic Canada region as a whole.

(Image credits: Saltscapes Magazine)

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