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  1. Still warm here. If up to me I would hardly have put on the heat yet. I like the cool especially at night. I never wear pajamas or heavy fleece things at night. Rather an extra blanket if anything. I still don’t wear my cozy socks which I used to have many months of the year. I almost need more cool dare I say it. Work is too hot etc. Sandals on today. Transitional jacket on about twice so far and once too hot. Usually a summer jacket. And then boom it will be cold probably but supposed to be a warm winter. So far, so good. Usually not bad until January at least.

      • Yes Brett, today was great. Above average I believe. I put on my transitional coat but was hot by midday. It has a very light lining. I try to hold out as long as possible. No winter coat till at least December or preferably January.
        We get lots of rain but I always notice on the BBC when you guys get rain too. Lately seems like more. Ours is mostly light so far and I have lost my umbrella. I haven’t used it for months. Then again I can be lucky and travel around during the light rain moments.

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