Come From Away (and Stay Awhile)

“Heartwarming,” “human,” “genuine” and “community” are among the words that come to mind to describe “Come From Away,” the Canadian-produced musical that just opened this week on Broadway after a preliminary tour across Canada and the U.S.   The musical tells the story of how the small town of Gander, Newfoundland (about 10,000 people), with good cheer and resourcefulness, memorably accommodated during a week-long stretch the more than 6,500 air passengers from all over whose planes were unexpectedly diverted there following the 9/11 attacks.

The reader comments on the NY Times review of the production are striking by how moved people have been by this story. Having visited Newfoundland on multiple occasions, I can attest that the people of this ruggedly beautiful province are as sincerely friendly as this musical depicts.

“Come From Away” Official Site

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    • Hi, Diana, funny that you would ask with this post, as my very first visit to Canada many years ago was coincidentally to Newfoundland. Among the things that struck me then was the kind and determined spirit displayed by many of the people I met in this remote province in the aftermath of dealing with the then recent closing of the fisheries (to conserve a dwindling stock). Major changes and challenges followed but these people have heart that I admire. Kindred spirits, perhaps. 🙂

  1. Delighted to hear the musical was such a success in New York.

    Still – I’m afraid the words “political opportunist” come to mind when I hear the prime minister’s ingratiating remarks on this clip.

    How many selfies did he take that evening? LOL!

    Thanks for posting, Brett.

  2. So from a comment above I hear you are not Canadian, Brett? I HAVE BEEN DECEIVED!! 😀. I always read your posts from the WP reader so have never looked at your About Me page, if indeed you have one. I feel I should look, now!

  3. Brett, I enjoy your posts and will have to Follow so that I can see more. Being originally from Sweden, I can immediately recognize the “feel” of the rugged places you’ve photographed, the crispness in the air there. I live too far from the North now to be able to revisit it often enough, and would wilt immediately after just a few weeks among the cold rocks… 😉

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