“Three Things . . .”

Graffiti Sunburst, Kensington Market, Toronto

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”                          

                                      ~ Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

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    • Definitely recommend that! There’s a lot of such street art in different places of Toronto. I have some more photos of such things I’m saving for another post or two. 🙂

  1. January was far too cold for me to do any tramping about so I will return in July (when it will most definitely be too hot) for a couple of days during my visit to Ontario. Kengsington Market is on my list. I did see some quite excellent murals from the train.

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  3. Great quotation! Yes, the graffiti in Kensington Market makes up for the shabby, run-down buildings and garbage-strewn sidewalks – but native-born Torontonians find the area “charming!”

    I guess each to his own…not a part of town I usually venture to…

    Thanks for posting. Brett.

  4. Thanks for your like. I was in Toronto years ago. Would return someday if I could. Several other Canadian bloggers are following me not sure how. But it’s cool. Literally. Do you bike?

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