Shades of Toronto Graffiti (Part 2 – P.S)

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I realized after I shot these four images that the faces had similar characteristics and they were all tagged “P.S” and were likely done by the same street artist.   Their creator  favors funky, angular faces and there’s definitely a certain style going on with these.



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Friday Find: Vintage Rotary Phone


Vintage Rotary Phone at Bistro 138, Shelburne, Nova Scotia


Adorning a post near the counter of Bistro 138, a cozy restaurant and coffee shop in historic Shelburne, Nova Scotia, this very funky old rotary phone demands attention among a sea of people surfing their mobile devices.   I’ve not seen a phone like this one before — its design and color make for an unusual piece of nostalgia.  Located on Water Street in the heart of town, the food and other fare at Bistro 138 is also quite good and its staff is super friendly.

aDSC_9593Bistro 138, Shelburne, Nova Scotia

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