Kensington Market, Toronto: Fresh, Funky and Fun



There’s a little something for everyone in Toronto’s very colorful, very funky Kensington Market neighborhood!  Lot’s to look at, taste and absorb!

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  1. I went to Toronto a couple of years ago and your pictures from this post and the previous one have made me think I need to return to see all the places I didn’t get to see whilst I was there! 🙂

  2. Even though I live in Toronto, it’s always a treat to see how other people view the city through their own lenses. And I’ve passed that chia pet car numerous times but never stopped to take a pic. You’ve motivated me to make sure I do that the next time I take a leisurely stroll through Kensington Market 😉

    • I’m also always intrigued by how others see differently the same subject matter. Being in Toronto, you’ve got many wonderful subjects close at hand.

  3. One of my favourite places. I don’t get there often enough. I’m going to make a point of visiting there at least once this summer. Thanks for the great photos and promoting my hometown.

  4. Have just pinged this blog to my daughter who is visiting Canada for a few weeks and will be in Toronto. Love the hanging fabric lantern doobries. Gorgeous, thanks for the post maybe she will get to visit Kensington Market.

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