Along the Wharfs of Westport


Lobster Traps, Westport, Brier Island, N.S.


Colorful buoys, rusted anchors and long coils of rope strewn hither and yon, and vibrantly painted sheds dotting the rugged shore of Westport on Brier Island, N.S., provide unmistakable signs that this place is a longtime fishing village.  Situated as the westernmost part of  Nova Scotia, this compact but charming island is just a modest drive (and two short and scenic ferry rides) from the much larger port of Digby, which is a little to the east up the the gorgeous Bay of Fundy coast.  People routinely make the trek here for the beautiful coastal vistas, to go whale watching or just to meander to and through a quieter place and time.


Fishing Boat Buoys, Westport, Brier Island, N.S.


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  1. Beautiful. You have such a great eye, and it shows in your images. You seem to have captured the colour of the East Coast.

      • Oh yes, it certainly is! It’s been an extremely humid summer here in Chicago, Brett. I am looking forward to some cooler temperatures and colorful skies! Thank you for asking. I hope your summer has been well, Brett. Cher xo

  2. Thanks for the heads up about a spot we had never heard of. Our next visit to Nova Scotia is to explore the southern end of the province. We had a great time in Cape Breton, but missed Digby and the surrounds.

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