Atlanta Canadians: The ATL’s Online Home for Canadian Expats (and Friends!)

Many Canadians “enjoying” the sweltering heat that Atlanta has to offer this time of year can take some comfort that inasmuch as misery loves company there is available at their fingertips a robust online community of local fellow expatriates and their friends.  I’m referring to the group Atlanta Canadians.  I first learned of the group through a Canadian friend locally and shortly thereafter attended a cocktail social at a nearby pub that was hosted by the  group.  It was good fun and good cheer all around.

Atlanta Canadians, which boasts over 600 members, was organized by the very amiable Marty Seed, who originally hails from Halifax and who has been in Atlanta for the past 8 years or so.  Marty serves as the lead instigator and orchestrator of social merriment for the group and, as the creator of the group’s website, is the driving force behind keeping the community organized.

Many interesting features can be found on the group’s website, including discussions forums, shared photos, and a regularly updated list of local events that usually have some Canadian connection.  Indeed, because of the offline gatherings of members facilitated by the site, it’s fair to say that the Atlanta Canadians is more than just a strictly online community.

Link to Atlanta Canadians:

(For ready availability, this link is also posted on the right sidebar of the O’Canada Blog under “General”.)

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