Quebec Month: Des Jours de Joie

Quebec Retro Travel Poster

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Quebec and, at the moment, as I sit in Quebec City with aching feet from almost a week of walking around Montreal, Quebec City and other, smaller places in la belle province, I’m reminded of a number of things.  Among these things, and in no particular order, are how bad my French is after many years of non-use, the immensity of the St. Lawrence River, the historic charm of Quebec City, agriculture’s reach throughout much of the province, the vibrance of the Montreal arts and creative scene, how varied and delightful is the food of Quebec, and the region’s rich history and distinctive culture. 

I have a few more days before heading home and given that today is the first day of May, working on a mostly Quebec theme — dubbed by me “des jours de joie” to match the good times over the past week — for the month of May seems fitting.  I have a fair number of photos to post when I return, but for now I’ll start the theme in the next post by spotlighting a Quebec artist worth more attention and will go from there.  Jusque-là, passez une bonne journée!

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