Cardboard Totem Pole Wall Art


Quebec Month / Installment 7

I have some other Montreal wall art still to share, but, at the moment, I’ve singled out the above piece because of the unusual medium — painted cardboard — used by its creator.  By the time I came upon this contemporary take on a traditional Pacific Northwest totem pole, the work had seen better days but it still held up quite well.  The brightly colored eagle, beaver and cow (a modern update for a totem pole!)  are set off nicely by the intricate carvings in the corrugated cardboard.

8 responses

  1. The cardboard totem is one of the most beautifully creative pieces of street art I’ve ever seen. I just wish I could have really seen it. I’ll have to comfort myself in knowing someone out there did and took the time to take such a great photo and share. Thanks.

  2. Fascinating work and great photograph! This must have been something to see up close and personal. The colors are so vibrant even after having been up for awhile-Thank you for sharing this-

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