Montreal as Muse for Jeremy Price


Jeremy Price, “St. Henri”

Quebec Month / Installment 6

Although Jeremy Price is originally from Ontario and studied art in both Ontario and British Columbia, much of his body of work is a modern impressionist take on Montreal, a city where he now lives and which serves as his muse.  With precise painterly brush strokes, he nicely captures the character of that busy city and explores the every day goings on within its many quaint neighborhoods.   “St. Henri” (above) splashes dappled city lights across its canvas, while “Rink Maintenance” (below) depicts an annual rite that is quintessentially Canadian.


Jeremy Price, “Rink Maintenance”

More of Price’s terrific takes on Montreal can be seen at his cjeremyprice website here and his WordPress blog, cjeremyprice.

3 responses

  1. …a modern impressionist take….interesting!
    There were days when impressionism was too avant grade, too wild, too different, too modern…not accepted at all. Now it has become commonly accepted, and rightfully appreciated, yes even lauded by the masses. Accepted, surely, but I wonder if everybody does realize how difficult impressionism is.
    I especially like the St Henri painting here.

    • Really interesting observations. Styles and subject matters of art have evolved in so many directions since the then “shocking” work of the early impressionists.

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