Montreal’s Vibrant Walls of Graffiti


Quebec Month / Installment 5

Wow!  Montreal has a lot of amazingly cool graffiti — and not just the quickly dashed out monochromatic tag variety.  In that city, wielders of spray paint have taken the graffiti form to a more vibrant, artistic level that brightens rather than blightens.  Here are some of these artfully done works that caught my eye as I recently roamed the city’s streets.


[Click on Image to Enlarge]

6 responses

  1. wow, what a collection! I’m always on the lookout for graffiti whenever I’m visiting a city. You might want to look up my post on 5POINTZ, a quite amazing mecca for graffiti here in NY

    • Thanks for making me aware of your 5Pointz post. I just looked at it — very nice! That’s a lot of concentrated creativity in one little corner of NYC.

  2. I love looking at street art from other places and this does not disappoint-wonderful images here!
    Thank you too for taking the time to visit Move the Chair-I really appreciate you looking-

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