Pastoral Splendor On the Ile d’Orleans


Rustic Barn with Red Doors, Ile d’Orleans

Quebec Month / Installment 4

Situated just a few miles north of Quebec City is the Ile d’Orleans, a smallish island of about 20 miles in length (about the size of N.Y.’s Manhattan Island) and one of the earliest areas settled in Quebec.  Its coast-hugging main road is filled with postcard-perfect pastoral vistas bordered by wide expanses of the St. Lawrence and distant rolling mountains.


Small Barn Overlooking St. Lawrence River, Ile de Orleans


Early Spring Farm Field, Ile d’Orleans


Old Farm Wagon, Ile d’Orleans


Green Space On the St. Lawrence, Ile d’Orleans


Tombstone with Cross, Sainte Famille Church, Ile d’Orleans


Farm and Silos, Ile d’Orleans


Old Barn with Rusted Roof, Ile d’Orleans


Cemetery, Sainte Famille Church, Ile d’Orleans


Sainte Famille Church, Ile d’Orleans

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    • Thanks for your comments. I like cemetery pictures also, as well as cemeteries generally. I find them to be contemplative places and reminders of the important but transient and fragile things in life, of which we need to make the most while we have the time to do so.

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