Vintage Quebec: Ox Carts, Dog Carts and Sleighs


A Dog Cart in Quebec (late 1940s/early 1950s)

Much of Quebec has long had a rural character.  As shown in these vintage postcards, the province’s resourceful people would routinely enlist their animals — even dogs! — in the daily chores.



Ox Cart in Rural Quebec (late 1940s/early 1950s)



Sleigh in Winter in Montreal (postmarked Apr. 3, 1911) — Note on card reads in part: “Dear Father,  This is what they are doing way up here in April.   It thaws very little even yet.  .  .  .  With love, H.K.I.”



Another Ox Cart in Rural Quebec (late 1940s/early 1950s)


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24 responses

  1. Such interesting history we have! Thank you, Brett! I must confess I was taken aback to see the dog cart, but pleased the dog was wearing a ‘helmet’ of sorts! *grin* Cher xo

    • Cher, very true about the history! I’m not sure dog carts would go over so well these days, but the historical context makes a difference. And, of course, in the far north of Canada, the U.S. (Alaska) and elsewhere, dogs still pull sleds as a normal part of those local cultures. Best, Brett

      • Yes, the historical context does make a difference, doesn’t it? Why Brett, you mean you didn’t know that ALL Canadians use dogsleds? *grin* Canadians (at least in the past) thought the world saw us as coveting igloos and dogsleds across the nation. I do find it fascinating that the Inuit people attempt to retain their incredible culture despite the shrinking world and its technological advances. Thanks again, Brett; I always look forward to your posts! Cher xo

  2. This is so cool. I feel like people would be really mad if someone did that today. Unless maybe it was a little kid and a really big dog 😛

    • Thanks for your comments! Probably true about how folks would feel now — people had different sensibilities around the time of these images.

  3. Dog carts are often seen in our rural areas and usually ridden by children, which of course is the ideal. It is a play thing! I too like your dog’s safety helmet!
    PS: Ox and boeuf are not the same, even ‘tho you may think it!~
    Lovely post, Brett!

  4. I see you like Antiquity as much as I do. If you want to see an incredible old 1890 mansion, look at my blog for Apr. 30. Keep up the great work and collections you do!

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