Artist to Appreciate: Christopher Walker

Christpher Walker -- Devotion

Christopher Walker, Devotion (2008)

Christopher Walker is a Canadian contemporary realist painter whose subject matter reflects a distinct sense of the grand and the awe-inspiring as well as his wide ranging travels throughout many remote areas of Canada.  His style is evocative of the work of Alex Colville and Andrew Wyeth, among others.  Walker’s artistry is truly stunning and beautiful!

Christopher Walker -- Acceptance

Christopher Walker, Acceptance (1993)


Christopher Walker -- Canadiana

Christopher Walker, Canadiana (2013)


Christopher Walker -- Fortitude

Christopher Walker, Fortitude (2008)


Christopher Walker -- Interface

Christopher Walker, Interface (2007)


Christopher Walker -- Patience

Christopher Walker, Patience (2009)


Christopher Walker -- Transient


 Christopher Walker, Transient (2007)


More of Walker’s gorgeous work can be seen at his website and at the White Rock Gallery site.


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66 responses

  1. Images like these combined with titles that bring forth feelings of strength – these are fast seeping into my heart 🙂

    Thank you, Brett, these are wonder-full !

    Peace, always,


  2. Atlanta? Wow!!! OK …LOVE the Canada shots, but isn’t there something in Atlanta you would want to feature? I would love to see shots from that city!!! BTW–Thanks for dropping by my blog! I actually go up to Vancouver, BC as much as possible. I love it up there and have met the most genuine people in my life. OH CANADA –how I love your people! Funny thing is I am from the south —. ARMY BRAT.. I went to Auburn University and lived in Alabama a number of years. I have been in Seattle now over 20 years though!

    • Hey, Alesia, thanks for your good comments. There is so much I could write about, including things connected to Atlanta, but I’m still enjoying the theme I’ve chosen for O’Canada and it supplies me with ample opportunity to reflect on things of interest. Being in Seattle is quite the change from Auburn and other parts of Alabama. I’m glad you get up to Vancouver from time to time — it’s a fabulous place! Best, Brett

  3. I am a big fan of Chritopher Walker. I have seen his art in Mayberry Fine Art in Winnipeg and the pictures do not do him justice. The depth of his colours truly bring his work to life.

  4. Hello Brett,

    Your blog was brought to my attention from a collector of my work recently. Thank you for your enthusiasm and appreciation for my artwork. It is always nice to have objective compliments from afar.

    All the best, Chris.

    • Chris,

      Thanks so much for your kind comment! Your art and artistry are amazing and, as you can see by the comments here, certainly strikes a receptive chord with many. Thanks for sharing your exceptional talent and enriching our lives with your art!

      Best, Brett

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  7. I find his work to ble contrived and gimmicky. His colours are great but the subject matter looks forced and cheesey, but art is definitely in the eyes of the beholder. I prefer more authentic and subtle landscape art. Canada has a few great ones.

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