Artist Appreciation: Richard Thomas Davis

Richard Thomas Davis -- 65 Volvo

Richard Thomas Davis, “65 Volvo” (2012-13)

I truly love so many styles of art, but photo-like realism in painting is a style that often leaves me speechless by the skill and patience required of the artist to achieve such exceptional detail and still add that extra emotional touch to a scene that painting brings to the table.   I recently came upon the work of Richard Thomas Davis, an American born artist who is now a Canadian citizen living in Nova Scotia.  Davis’s choice of subject matter is terrific and captures bits and pieces of life in small town Canada.  I particularly like that while his images are nicely composed and perfectly rendered many of them incorporate elements of wear and tear and slight decay, each suggesting the passage and ravages of time and the living of life.

More of his works can be seen at Davis’s website here and at Toronto’s Odon Wagner Gallery and Halifax’s Studio 21 Gallery.

Richard Thomas Davis -- Storm Doors

“Storm Doors” (2010-11)


Richard Thomas Davis -- Red Dot

“Red Dot” (1995)


Richard Thomas Davis -- Hallway

“Hallway” (1994-96)


Richard Thomas Davis -- Cold Front

“Cold Front” (1974-76)


Richard Thomas Davis -- 4.30

“4:30” (2010-11)


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      • Thank you for sharing Richard Thomas Davis’ (superlatives can not express my awe and appreciation) works. I have never seen/known of his paintings and am so grateful for finding his inspiring and humbling paintings. His work epitomizes everything I am attempting to accomplish in my own primitive watercolors.

  1. Crikey! What an extraordinarily talented artist. He must have buckets of patience, as well as that creativity burning in him. Now, I want to go and read his life story.

  2. Thanks for once again bringing to my attention a fine, skilled artist whose work I did not know. So much that is lovely gets missed, even as so much more is accessible through the Net.

  3. The house in the forefront of ominous clouds, yet a light shining inside gave me the feeling of “home.” The well-worn floors had the feel of children scampering happily around time-worn adults. And my favorite was the bedroom. Simplicity…

  4. Just thought you might find this amusing. A few years ago my husband and I were living on the base in Trenton, Ontario (8 Wing). He’s an officer in the Canadian Military and was PMC of the Mess at the time. Some Junior officers found some old oil paintings under a pile of old hockey jerseys in the Mess. After a closer look they made out the signature. The paintings were two Fred Varley originals. How much more Canadian can you get than finding Group of Seven paintings under hockey sweaters, eh?.
    By the way they hung up the art work at the Mess.

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