Sean Yelland’s “Distant” and “Stop Everything”

Sean Yelland, Distant (2012)

Sean Yelland, Distant (2012)

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Both of these paintings by Toronto’s urbanist master Sean Yelland convey intrigue and a haunting sense of loneliness for different reasons.   “Distant” is reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World”, while “Stop Everything” brings to mind the late night / early morning solitude evoked by Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” and “Early Sunday Morning”.   These pieces by Yelland also hint at his exceptional skill with the techniques of photorealism in his art — his depictions of  muted light, bokeh and blurring particularly stand out.

See more of Yelland’s outstanding work at the amazingly vibrant Ingram Gallery and on Yelland’s own site.

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Sean Yelland, Stop Everything (2013)

Sean Yelland, Stop Everything (2013)

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  1. Very cool site, Brett… and I am a big fan of Sean Yelland. A friend of mine has a couple of his paintings (recommended by our friend Colette French). They are wonderfully evocative. Nice to see him being appreciated.

    • Karen, thanks for your nice comments. I completely agree about Sean Yelland’s art. I’m sure your friend who has a couple of his paintings is enriched by having Yelland’s art around.

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