Artist Appreciation: Andrew Horne

A, Horne, Pegasus Unicorn2

 Andrew Horne, Pegasus Unicorn


The serendipity afforded by the Web still amazes me at times and I love it when it allows me to stumble upon something of pure goodness, as I recently did when I came across the fantastically hip visual art of Toronto-based artist, Andrew Horne.  His “typographic paintings”, in particular, are excellent.  Most of these vivid pieces play around with classic signage and exhibit elements of studied photo-realism, pop-art irony and downright aesthetic gorgeousness.  Above and below is a sampling of Horne’s clever work, more of which can be found at his artist website here.

(Horne also has an entrepreneurial streak, which he channels by operating the very cool Flying Pony Gallery and Cafe in the Little India area of Toronto.)


A. Horne, Victory Bar2


A. Horne, Renee's Salon Of Beauty2


A. Horne, 419 Salutations



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25 responses

  1. Hello Brett,

    Thank you for writing this nice happenstance piece, which you discovered in Toronto. Since I spend a great deal in Toronto, I will be intrigued to check out the Flying Pony Gallery & Cafe in Little India.

    To add some interesting synchronicity, I am a Canadian temporarily living in Atlanta for the summer. In addition to being an Art Gallery Professional, I especially value the friendship which exists between various organizations in Toronto and Atlanta respectively.

    Your blog is an incredible reflection of “Canadian Arts”, and I look forward to reading more pieces ahead.


    William Brereton

    • Hi, William,

      Thanks for your message, which I very much appreciate, particularly the Atlanta and Toronto connection. And, small world, that it is, I believe you and I know several people in common, so it’s cool that our paths have crossed in this manner. Your work with various arts organizations (Kapsula, ACAC and others) is terrific and promotes in a different and wonderful way the cultural bridge that I embrace through this blog and otherwise.



  2. Thanks for sharing this discovery. These images are beautiful. I enjoy taking photographs of old neon signs, but these works are better than the real things!

    • Old neon signs stand out whenever they’re encountered. I agree that paintings of them add something that is not captured by photography alone.

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