Acadia Theatre’s Classic Neon Splendor!


I like vintage signs a great deal, especially classic neon displays that have been well preserved.  These shots taken yesterday show The Acadia Theatre in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, which is graced with a magnificent masterpiece of neon and signage art above its entryway.   The triangular sign juts out from the building’s facade with “ACADIA” in bright yellow on two sides and white and yellow neon accent lines all around and a bold neon yellow star encircled atop the front.

Built in 1911, this Annapolis Valley theatre has been through several incarnations and now houses a cinema and stage for community theatre (the Al Whittle Theatre), a film society (the FundyFilm Society), a local coffee shop / cafe (Just Us!) and an art gallery (Jack’s Gallery).  More info can be obtained at the Acadia’s site here.

aDSC_1721 aDSC_1726

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  1. I LOVE this theatre! It’s so cheery – and Wolfville is a terrific town. The Deep Roots music festival in September is a highlight! You’re there right now? Hope you’re not getting bucketing rain like we are in Halifax today (I’m visiting too)!!

    • So true, Wolfville has a lot going for it, including this marvelous theatre. I left yesterday so missed the rain. I hope your visit is wonderful!

  2. I love Wolfville; it’s often the site of our national Quaker gathering. My best memory, though, goes back 3 decades ago – drifting down the nearby Gaspereau River in inner tubes with a couple hundred other party-goers one hot July day when the power company opened the dam.

  3. dear brett,
    reading your posts is always a treat for me. i like them a lot, they are always very special. your photos are superbe and i like your ideas and thoughts on them. just wanted to let you know. i’m looking forward to your every new post. keep it up!

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