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  1. What an interesting and varied collection. I think the only ones I’d seen before, and not necessarily in Toronto were “come in or we’ll both starve” – and, of course, that old standard, Drink Canada Dry.

      • I’m a Bluenoser that got stuck in Toronto and can’t seem to get back home…..I’m the character from “Goin Down the Road” (1970) that never left !! Did you pick up The Clockmaker yet, Brett ? C’mon boy, git after that !

      • Hi, Mark, such things happen and going back is easier said than done. I looked up the movie you mention and that’s quite a classic and one I’ll have to watch.

        LOL on the book. I looked up The Clockmaker on your suggestion but am hoping to find a version other than the one sold by Amazon. It did prompt me to learn a little about Halliburton and his role in Nova Scotia civic life and I appreciated the local color.

        Best, Brett

    • June, that East End area is off the beaten path and quite interesting — good place for meandering. Gadabout is one of the best vintage stores I’ve come across.

  2. You have proven how wonderful Canada is, Brett. Gosh you are a better Canadian at heart for an American. I better pay attention. Humorous signs. Perpetua.

  3. I’m apt to capturing streets, buildings, nature, critters, people but enjoy other takes on memento or creative photographs. I greatly appreciate your visit to my own blog. I adore Nova Scotia! With air fare what it is going that way, it’s too long for me to visit again but that’s a province I think of fondly, second to my home. Family aside, visiting Toronto is always fun. Everytime I’ve been nearly anywhere, I learn of something else to see. Carolyn.

  4. That iconic Honest Ed’s won’t be with us much longer. After decades of being in business the store will be closing and a condo will probably replace it. Great gallery of signs.

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