Wall Art a la Montreal


Jazz Saints

Quebec Month / Installment 11

Not long ago I posted some pics I took of graffiti in Montreal.  Painted wall art is another form of creative expression that is different from graffiti, but sometimes in only subtle ways.  I’m sure someone has worked out the technical distinction between such things, but however these art forms are categorized, Montreal is a rich showcase for a great deal of both (as well as other street art variants — such as kinetic art, elaborate light shows and light sculptures — that I could not readily capture).


Painted Cargo Container

25 responses

  1. yoove gawt quite the eye! (and quite the explorer spirit: i never heard of haida-gwotoo or whatever it is. ah, if only i had the wherewithal (not to mention resources) to “check it out” — perhaps when the impending (w)retirement takes hold!

  2. This reminds me of the huge graffiti walls and spaces i saw in New York in Brooklyn which i still haven’t posted but it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, those are great!
    I wish Vancouver would get on with approved public art in alleys.. I think there’s something about murals that simply brings life to parts of a city which would otherwise be bland and even ugly.
    I also need to get my butt to Montreal, looks like an amazing city!

    • Claus, thanks for your comments. Public art, including wall murals, can have a positive impact on otherwise drab areas. Good luck with your continued travels.

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  5. I agree, I’m not sure of the difference between graffitti art, wall art or an old-fashioned mural or even older paintings painted on wet plaster. I do know that I think it is wrong for someone to put their graffitti tag on that jazz saint face.

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  7. I have mixed feelings about graffiti. Some is pure art, but it’s still vandalism of private property unless the building Owner condones it. Keith Haring is one who took it off the streets, while Banksy has not.
    Reverse Graffiti is a different matter.

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