Old Farm Tractor Along Charlevoix / St. Lawrence Shore


Quebec Month / Installment 12

Driving a couple of hours north of Quebec City in the beautiful Charlevoix region, we came across this bright red tractor along a scenic stretch of the St. Lawrence coast. Farm tractors are rarely situated this close to a shore line, so its rustic charm beckoned the camera.



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    • I’m sure you had a wonderful time along this gorgeous drive with amazing coastline views. The day we drove through the sky was bright with a low hanging fog so did not get many good shots that did the drive justice.

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    • Oh, very cool! I just looked at the photo you took — quite a nice look and feel being in B&W. Liked your comment about not being sure why there’s a tractor on such a beach — my thought exactly, at the time — but still grateful for the photo op! Thanks also for the link to the GroupExpo and your Mehograph site, both of which I need to explore more. Best, Brett

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