Marc-Aurele Fortin’s Small-Town Quebec

Marc-Aurele Fortin, “Grande Vallee” (1952)


Sticking (mostly) with the winter theme that I’ve been thinking about lately, Marc-Aurele Fortin is another artist in whose works winter figured prominently.  Fortin was a contemporary of the Group of Seven painters and he focused on scenes of small-town Quebec, his native province, and the landscape of the surrounding St. Lawrence River Valley.  Because he was so prolific a variety of styles can be seen in his work, but many of his paintings are typified by vibrantly colored houses and hillsides, dramatic skies and billowy cloudscapes.

While Fortin’s art is available through several prominent galleries, the Artnet website is one of the better resources to see a wide variety of his work in a single place.

Marc-Aurele Fortin 2

Marc-Aurele Fortin, “St. Urbain” (ca. 1936)


Marc-Aurele Fortin, “Ste. Rose Paysage” (1939)


Marc-Aurele Fortin, “Les Cordes a Linge” (1939)


Marc-Aurele Fortin, “Baie Ste. Paul Sous La Neige”


Marc-Aurele Fortin, “Maison Rouge en Hiver” (1918)


Marc-Aurele Fortin, “Winter Scene” (1940)


(Image Credits: Marc-Aurele Fortin)

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44 responses

  1. I love these! “Grande Vallee” reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “Land of Counterpane,” “Baie Ste. Paul Sous La Neige” reminds me of William Blake’s “God Creating the Universe,” and I really like the sense of movement in “Winter Scene.” Looking forward to your next find!

  2. Brett: I saw some works from the Group of Seven at the modern art museum in Toronto. Marc-Aurele Fortin has some early Van Gogh influences in his work as well. Not so much of the abstraction in the others in the Group of Seven.

  3. These have a wonderful “folk-like” quality to them and the winter scenes are so typical. As a native Montrealer, I enjoy seeing art from my home province.

    Thanks for posting them, Brett!

  4. Hi Brett,
    You do more to showcase the beauty of Canada and its artists than anyone else I know.
    Looking forward to your continued discovery of my beautiful country in 2019!

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