Magical Winterscapes by Group of Seven

A.J. Casson -- Rooftops

A. J. Casson, Rooftops


As the chill of wintry winds, snow and ice continues, a compilation of Canadian winterscapes by the Group of Seven artists seems in order.  As always, the scenery by these talented artists is captivating!  (Click on image to enlarge)

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  1. Thanks for sharing… love it… I’ve never studied Group of Seven in detail (obviously do know of them and their famous works)… Pretty interesting to see the variety of styles they use… “A.Y. Jackson, Winter, Charlevoix County” is somewhat reminiscent of Van Gogh, while “Lawren Harris, Lake and Mountains” brings out a number of surrealistic traits :)!

    • Great observations! Lawren Harris’s style in his later years diverged markedly from his earlier “impressionistic” manner of painting. The Group’s focus on the Canadian landscape continued despite varying styles.

  2. My internal conversation….. ‘WHY do these paintings make me feel SO good? … There is some strong maternal attraction to these works that seem to understand snow and light, and the introverted winter months that allow minds to slow down…..These paintings are a great celebration of land you can stretch your arms out in,….. I identify with them like and old friend that I always want to sit down and talk with.

  3. It looks much the same out my windows, these days, although I live in basically different terrain. Snow lends a uniformity across nations, at the same time that it both obscures and reveals what it blankets. Thank you for introducing me to new to me artists!

    • Joy, thanks for your comments and I hope you get to enjoy the wonderful scenery often.

      I was unaware of Ted Harrison and just viewed some of his paintings, which I now need to explore further. Thanks for that suggestion.

      Best, Brett

  4. Which gallery did you go for these photos? I’ve been to Ontario Art Gallery and McMichael Collection..several times. I have seen the more limited collection for Group of 7 at the National Gallery in Ottaw.

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  6. While the style of the Group of Seven is reminiscent of many artists it is uniquely Canadian in its outlook. Some may say there is nothing new under the sun. Here is a fresh view of Canadian life, colorful, serene, austere, quiet, and natural. A gamut of emotions. A Kansan thanks you for sharing.

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