Artist to Appreciate: Mary Garoutte

Mary Garoutte, “Sundown, Lincoln Street” (2015)

What strikes me most about Mary Garoutte’s urban landscape paintings is the way she highlights the play of light at the beginning and the end of days.  These quiet periods that brim with potential, while also evoking a mixed sense of meditative loneliness and reflection, seem to be as much the subject matter of her work as are the historic houses and store fronts of Halifax, where she is based.  Garoutte cites the Group of Seven artists and Wayne Thiebaud as among key influences on her art, which are evident in her choice of colors and the strong textural brush strokes on her canvases.  Her wonderful art also brings to mind for me the feelings of solitude conveyed by Edward Hopper in his own paintings of dwelling places during the quiet hours.

More of Garoutte’s work can be seen on her artist website here and is also available through Argyle Fine Art.

Mary Garoutte, “Yellow Door (Falkland Street)” (2013) 

Mary Garoutte, “100 Montague Street” (2015)


Mary Garoutte, “Dwellings (Light in the Window)” (2015)

Mary Garoutte, “Glass House” (2016)

Mary Garoutte, “Single Dweller” (2016)

Mary Garoutte, “Late Night Visit” (2016)

Mary Garoutte, “Red Bicycle, Young Street” (2014)

Mary Garoutte, “Sunset on Agricola Street” (2013) 

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56 responses

  1. I am always more impressed by painters who depict the world around them as opposed to abstracts. Such paintings as these really show how good the artist is. And this artist is good.

    • Abstracts can be quite good too. But I know what you mean about representational art, which requires noticeable talent to render something well.

  2. I had never heard of this artist, but I love these paintings! As you mention, there is very much a “Hopper-like” quality about them with their feeling of isolation – and I particularly like the use of light and shade.

    Thank you so much for bringing her to our attention, Brett.

    • Hi, Shaune, thanks for sharing that. I love such small world coincidences! My understanding is that she’s a wonderful instructor as well, as you mentioned. I hope she continues to produce more beautiful artwork as well. Best, Brett

      • Richard, her paintings are for sale. I think Argyle Fine Art ( represents her work and has paintings available. You can go to the site, which links to the Flickr page for the gallery, search for groupings of Mary Garoutte’s paintings and the descriptions will indicate what’s available and price. I think the pricing is very fair for such excellent artwork. Best, Brett

  3. Hi Brett! This post is great! Thank you for this write-up on my work and for highlighting me. It is an honour. Your words do honor to the paintings, and I am duly grateful. 🙂

  4. Just viewed a selection of your latest city scapes, you have entered the small world of composition over subject. A giant step in the right direction, hope you don’t look back.
    ron w.

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