Backroads Nova Scotia: Old Chevy Truck


Vintage Chevrolet Truck, Backroads of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


I’m always thrilled when I come across a rusty old truck or auto from the early era of transportation and I have my camera handy.  This vintage Chevrolet truck, from about the late 1930s (my guess), was perfectly situated near a weathered garage down a meandering country road.  The distinctive front-end of this truck features an oversized grill, exaggerated fenders with standout headlights, and an iconic sleek hood ornament.  I spoke with the owner, who explained that he restored old vehicles.  So this vintage beauty may yet roll along the road again and turn a few heads as it does.

Vintage Chevrolet Truck, Backroads of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


Vintage Chevrolet Truck, Backroads of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


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50 responses

  1. Judging by the TV programmes on old vehicle restoration that I occasionally watch, that particular truck would be well within the realms of the possible. Beautiful photographs!

  2. Lived in Halifax for 11 years. The NS countryside, or should I say seaside, is magnificent. The winding roads, seaside communities, and ocean views will inspire you. Make sure you have sun before striking out.

  3. I laughed at the hood ornament comment, because I was going to comment on how rare to find an old truck with the hood ornament still attached! As kids my cousin and my sister and I would poke around old barns and farmland in upstate New York and my cousin collected all the hood ornaments and horn buttons he could find…..I think he still has them all, 60 years later. Thanks for the post.

  4. I love old trucks and cars… Like pretty much everything else, vehicles are now pretty generic, and all look alike.

    My dad has a Ford 1952 truck in his garage, that we both hope to restore someday. I’ll try to post pictures of it and let you know 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

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