Cool Vintage Junkyard For Sale

I came across a news story that led me to a real estate listing for a well-organized junkyard in Tappen, British Columbia with over 300 vintage cars and trucks crammed into 5 acres.  Along with the land comes a few buildings and all of the classic junkers to boot.  Asking price is almost CDN $1.5 million!

The colorful pictures taken by the selling real estate agency (Century 21 Agent Hudson Purba) are superb, several of which are posted here (more can be viewed on the listing site).  This throwback reminds me of Old Car City in northwest Georgia, a salvage yard dating to the 1930s which is filled with truly old rusty vehicles that Mother Nature has slowly reclaimed. Both places are full of eye-candy for photographers and the just plain curious.

(Image credits:  Century 21 Agent Hudson Purba)

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  1. “Velocity” is a U.S.cable TV channel devoted mostly to people who restore and customize old cars. I wonder if it would be worth it to the seller to advertise there. It would certainly seem like a treasure trove to the people who enjoy that.
    For the rest of us, it is, as you say, a very interesting combination of color, pattern and subject.

  2. Really cool! I liked the old junkyard in Rockport MA when I was 16 and working at my cousin’s pharmacy on Bear Skin Neck. It had a technology barn and this was in the 70’s! 😊

  3. I have a love for classic cars (even though I’m the least mechanically-minded person I know!)

    This would be a true bonanza for me – and in such a scenic setting! Too bad I can’t afford the asking price! Many thanks for posting these, Brett.

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  5. A long time ago we were visiting the in-laws for Thanksgiving and my father-in-law, noticing my crushed right front fender, suggested we go to the junkyard to find a matching fender from my old 1971 Volvo 164. We went to one just like this one and we did find one, and I spent the rest of the weekend, happy as could be, replacing the fender. “Couldn’t have done it without you,” I said to dad when I was finished. “Are you kidding?” he said. I’ve never worked on a car before. That could have been bad because neither did I.

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