“Now! All Together”: Songs From Long Ago

Songbooks fascinate me, particularly when they highlight song variations from earlier times.  So while browsing through a dusty stack of materials in a used bookstore a few months ago I was drawn in by this 8-page vintage booklet of songs, which was printed as a promotion around 1930 by the Dominion Life Assurance Company of Waterloo, Ontario.

This bit of ephemera is spare of graphics and contains a wide variety of songs, including songs specific to Canada (such as “O Canada!” and “Alouette”), American standards (“Home on  the Range” and “She’ll Be Coming’ Round the Mountain”), and songs indicating the then closer historical connection to Great Britain (“God Save the King” and “Loch Lomond”).  A few of these have lyrics that would not be considered racially sensitive but presumably reflected the time back then.   It’s an interesting mix of tunes, many that I’ve not heard in ages and others for which I only knew a line or two of the lyrics.

(Click image to enlarge)

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  1. Oh my, what fond memories as my dear old dad used to sing many of these songs to us when we were kids.. I was surprised that not all the verses were included. For instance, She’ll be Coming Round the Mountains had many more verses, including “She’ll have to sleep with gramma when she comes” We loved singing that song with dad as we drove to town in the pickup.

  2. I remember singing these on the bus as our church youth group would go to different events. The other kids would groan when we sang the doxology but I loved singing that song (all the verses, not just the signature one shown).

    • There is no date on the booklet. So I searched online for information about the company and its home agent, whose name is noted on the back cover. He was active with them during the 1920s and early 1930s, which is why I pegged it as about 1930.

  3. I am so glad you posted al the pages of that – I couldn’t quite remember the lyrics to some, particularly The Maple Leaf, although I know I heard them as a child. What a find you stumbled across!


  4. “She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain” seems (in hindsight now) not only redundant but quite obvious. She’ll be accelerating when she accelerates, she’ll be slowing when she slows down, etc. I just want to know how soon she’ll be here. Ant-ici-PATION! What about songs for when “good lasses” get together?

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