Abundance at the Saint John City Market

St. John, N.B. City Market

St. John, N.B. City Market


Americans celebrate Thanksgiving later this week, about a month and a half after Canadians mark their own similar holiday.  A trip last week to the picturesque City Market in the heart of downtown Saint John, New Brunswick — filled as it is with vibrant colors, numerous tastes and smells, all manner of local and regional food offerings and friendly vendors — brought to mind both country’s annual Fall celebrations.   These images taken during that trip provide a small sampling of this wonderful local marketplace.

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  1. Spelling lesson about Canadian place names: the city in New Brunswick is ALWAYS spelled Saint John with the Saint spelled out in full. The capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador is St. John’s (with an apostrophe and an ‘s’) There is also a Fort St. John in northern British Columbia.

    • Thanks! I had seen it both ways and at least avoided the apostrophe “s” that accompanies St. John’s, Newfoundland. Brian from an earlier comment pointed that out as well. Should be correct now.

  2. My hometown! And home of the oldest market in Canada. Did you know the ceiling of the market was constructed to look like the ribs of a ship? So pleased to have found your blog Brett.


    • Ali, thanks for these additional details about the City Market. I had not noticed that about the ceiling — very cool and will be on the lookout on my next visit!



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