Mel’s Tea Room and More . . . Sackville, New Brunswick


Mel’s Tea Room, Sackville, New Brunswick


These classic old signs and doorway tiles stood out on a recent stop in the historic town of Sackville, New Brunswick.  The neon and styling of the sign for Mel’s Tea Room — a local diner that is authentically vintage — in particular harkens back to an earlier era.


wwDSC_9386Sackville Bowling, Sackville, New Brunswick


wwDSC_9388Tiled Store Entryway, Sackville, New Brunswick

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  1. I spent many ours in Mel’s while a student at Mount Allison University. Good place for a burger and coke — plus it was the local bus station and the only supplier of comic books in town.

  2. What a great little set of photos, thanks for posting! I used to live in Sackville, as I attended Mount Allison University in that town. I actually once lived in the apartment right next to the Mel’s Tearoom sign! It was quaint, but the neon of the sign was very bright. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. Although I’m out of province and have never visited either of these establishments, I still experience a surge of nostalgia when I look at these photos. That style of sign triggers memories of small town Ontario.

    • They do conjure up that feeling. I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to better appreciate the special character and charm of small towns.

  4. All too often these beautiful original features are the first casualty when a new owner, different family member or just new trend takes over so it’s wonderful to see some stylish original blasts from the past. Lovely post. x

  5. I’m not one to travel and visit tea rooms. When I leave our little tea room in PEI I try to head out on the road trip and not look back at the work trip. I enjoy signs and you are right this is a very nice sign, I’ll have to look Mel’s up next time we are passing

  6. I too went to Mount A but, alas, did not appreciate the visual feast at the time! I must try to replicate the shot of the sign when next I drive through Sackville.

  7. your posts are just crazy with colour, it’s giving me an aneurysm lol jk,,,,, i like the tea room sign, gonna go steal it when they are not looking 🙂

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