Peaceful Seaside Inlet in Newfoundland


A Quiet Fishing Village, Newfoundland

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

                          ~Henry David Thoreau


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    • Elizabeth, thanks for identifying this more precisely. I thought it was around the Quidi Vidi area but was uncertain and didn’t want to mislabel it. What a wonderful area to be able to run by on a regular basis. Best, Brett

      • Hi Brett. My first thought was that it was Quidi Vidi but wondering now if that’s accurate…could it be Petty harbour? I can’t get a good look at it on my phone :). Regardless it is a lovely shot of our beautiful province.

  1. This is beautiful! I’d love to paint this scene on location. Not with a computer mind you but with real paints…just like when I was young.

  2. Beautiful! Brings back lovely memories of 10 days spent with only a handful of raindrops back 6 or so years ago…camped at Green Gardens in Gros Morne…moose walked through our site…probably the most stunning place I’ve ever pitched my tent. Thanks!

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