Artist to Appreciate: David Taylor


~ Sunburst Wood Carving, by David Taylor ~

Driving along the rural back roads of the Nova Scotia shore in Kings County, I stumbled upon a classic cedar-shingled house and yard in Black Rock adorned with brightly colored wood carvings that made for an irresistible stop.   As I snapped a few photos, the property’s owner, David Taylor, amiably introduced himself and explained that the menagerie of  carved-wood creatures and other whimsical sculptures spread in every direction across the land are his creations.   He’s even affixed a pea-green sea monster carving about 100 yards (or 90 meters) offshore that sits atop the water’s surface at high tide.

Taylor is a true folk artist in the best sense of that term.  One small carving led to another and eventually Taylor found himself having devoted many years to lovingly making wood objects from locally sourced driftwood and other materials for his own enjoyment and that of others.  In addition to his many sculptures, Taylor spends time making distinctive rustic bird houses, each graced with the weathered, long-bearded face of a coastal fisherman and which he regularly sells.  His work is sufficiently appreciated that the nearby town of Canning recently festooned utility poles along its main business district with about two dozen of Taylor’s birdhouses in a wonderful public art display with local businesses adopting particular birdhouses.

Taylor regularly undertakes commissioned work and has more than a few birdhouses and other reasonably priced carvings available.  Although he doesn’t have a website, Taylor can be reached at

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  1. Myself & my husband feel very fortunate to live here on the Bay of Fundy area of Black Rock. I never ever tire of passing this characteristic property on our frequent walks. I always admire Mr. Taylor’s creations. One day on my walk, as I commented on his work, Mr. Taylor invited me into his workshop to get a closer look at what he was creating at the time. Recently, after a long tiring hike in the area, myself & my husband happened upon this lovely gentleman at the wharf in his boat. I stopped to make pleasantries with him. He invited myself & my husband out in his boat so we could view our new oceanside home, we had recently moved into, from the water. What better way to end our hike, in this beautiful area of the Bay of Fundy, that we now call home!

    • Oh, that’s a wonderful story about him and such a nice way to see your property in a way that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do. Thanks so much for sharing this. I found Mr. Taylor to be equally gracious and kind-spirited.

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