Up-and-Coming Band: The Dead South

The Dead South is a terrific band from Saskatchewan that is up and coming.

They have a great sound that is tinged with roots, blues, folk and traditional country.Β  If you haven’t heard of them before, I think before long all of us will be hearing a lot more of their wonderful music.

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  1. Mr. Brett, I’m going to feel guilty for saying this after your friendly comment to me on a review of mine, but here it is: This group left a distinct distaste in my mouth the instant I saw them. As a Southerner especially, they look like a mockery. They are mimicking things which are perennial in my culture as though they are of a period, and they aren’t even demonstrating any knowledge of any particular period of the past, for that matter. From The Band and Neil Young to this? This is what Canadians accept as the American South these days? Plus the fact that they incessantly populated my YouTube suggested lists made it screamingly obvious that someone’s paying to push this out to me. This group is a monstrosity. The South is an intensely complex place with lots of horrific and tragic history, these guys look clownish doing this thing they’re doing.

    • Hi, Jeremy, thanks for sharing this. I’m originally from the North but have lived in the South most of my life and I completely agree with your comment about the tragic history and complexity of the South, especially the parts commonly called Appalachia. There’s such richness in the culture and music. When it comes to Canadians trying to get a feel for things Southern (and south of their border generally), there are hits and misses, for sure. But with music I think there’s a lot of latitude. The Dead South seem to have crafted some stories that ring true in some sense and their sound is catchy. Sometimes the lyrics mess up a great sounding song. But as a general rule, I appreciate the creative effort even if it’s sometimes off note, so to speak. (The Band, of course, had some Americans among them and Neil Young was just great!)

  2. I did a transcription yesterday which was an interview with the Dead South. I know I don’t listen to their music, so I was like, “Why is this ringing a bell?” So I’m typing up the interview about their clothes style and about the lyrics of “Fat Little Killer Boy” and now I know–it was your post that I had read!

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