Amusing Twitter Posts from December

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Some random Twitter posts from December connected to Canada:

@nora_z_93 on Dec. 3:  One of the most dreadful experiences in life is waiting for the bus in canada during the winter. Trust me on this.

@YaBoiDave on Dec. 7: I have to go to canada this weekend. My goals: 1: complain about the bacon 2: overuse the term “ey” 3: befriend and or conquer a moose

@silasagna on Dec. 10: why do i hear goose outside of my window i don’t remember moving to canada

@robroche on Dec. 11: I know I should know better, but I still think it’s winter 365 days a year in Canada — After Maine ends: Polar Bears and Snow Mobiles.

@noahcgrove on Dec. 17:  Going to see the nutcracker tonight, hope the Alberta ballet isn’t a whole bunch of old men in cowboy boots on their tip toes.

@psysal on Dec. 18:  True Sounds of Canada: The gentle warble of a Loon ‘pon break of day.  The unmistakable clik of some weirdo clipping their nails on the bus.

@laurenonizzle  on Dec. 18: Newfoundland consumes about 30% of the bologna produced in Canada, despite having just 2% of the population.

@archiemc on Dec. 18:  BREAKING: Yellowknife, Iqaluit and Whitehorse all have a 100% chance of a white Christmas.

@NarikaXo on Dec. 26:  Everytime I do something odd or just random and funny everyone blames it on me being Canadian.

@austinc00per on Dec. 29: alsask.  what a clever name for a town on the alberta-sask border

Amusing Twitter Posts from November

Some random Canada-related posts from the Twittersphere over the past month:

@RolfMargeit on Nov. 29:  I love getting the odd nice quebec bus driver

@HeyitsMauri on Nov. 28:  I’d move to Canada but they don’t have black Friday’s over there.  :/

@jpadamson on Nov. 27:  The fact that we don’t have mulled wine carts on our streets in Vancouver is a travesty.

@homieschapels on Nov. 26:  tbh i didn’t know canada and the U.S were separate countries until like the 6th grade don’t laugh at me

@cjbeltowski on Nov. 25:  People in Canada think I’m weird for putting ketchup on my poutine, people in the US think I’m weird for eating poutine

@ddale8 on Nov. 24:  There is just a crazy amount of Canadian-ness going on in Toronto right now, aw ya yup I seen it on the subway I’m tellin’ ya.

@VickyMeunier on Nov. 19: Oh man, the new mayor of Montreal is so funny when he speaks french!!!! xD

@iseestarsmusic on Nov. 18:  Let’s get wild Calgary!! First time here!!! Don’t let us down 😉 open it up!!! <3@TulipFootsteps on Nov. 17: Canada has crazy drivers.

@3provincecanoe on Nov. 17:  Fishing licenses in Saskatchewan – $80.  Nunavut? $40.  Remind me to never take a date out to SK, what a ripoff that place is

@roryledbetter on Nov. 17:  Canadian money is crazy! It looks like Monopoly Bucks! & I’ve been here 3 hours and somehow I already have $20 worth of coins in my pocket!

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