Sounding Canadian

Thanks to a friend who just called my attention to a recent tongue-in-cheek article that I missed from the February 7, 2010 Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Jill Vejnoska on “How to Sound Canadian”.    Among the finer points offered is this one on the proper usage of the much-used expression “eh”:

Eh? So, this one deserves its own category, eh? It’s got to be an exaggeration, eh? But Canadians really do say it a lot, eh? Pronounced like “hey,” without the h, it’s tacked onto the end of sentences to pose a real or rhetorical question, emphasize a key point or just to make Canadians sound more articulate than us “y’know?”-ing Americans. Extra style points awarded from the judges if the sentence starts with “So.” As in: “So, trying to be more Canadian is difficult, but rewarding, eh?”

So, now you’re speaking Canadian, eh?

Full article may be accessed at (no direct link).

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