TIFF 2010 Wraps

The Toronto International Film Festival concluded its 35th annual convocation of film industry movers and shakers and film aficionados from across Canada  and the world this past weekend.  This year’s TIFF received glowing reviews across a wide swath of the media that covers arts, film, media and business.   Not only has TIFF thrived over its history but it has arguably become the most influential festival as far as North American film dealmaking goes, even if the perception of the general public has not yet caught on to this reality.

A particularly cool aspect about the TIFF organization is that its programming extends beyond its annual Fall exposition and encompasses programming throughout the year.  Notable in this regard are the Essential Cinema and Canada’s Top Ten showings.  Essential Cinema is a compilation of the top 100 films as selected by TIFF programmes and festival-goers, all of which TIFF is screening at its new five-story Bell Lightbox venue in downtown Toronto.  Canada’s Top Ten showcases the top ten feature and short films produced in Canada in the prior year.  Between the robust programming of TIFF and the equally stellar and extensive array of film offerings supported by the Film Board of Canada, one can only marvel at the depth and vibrancy of the film arts and industry scene in Canada.

Link to TIFF website:  http://tiff.net/

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