More Magazines: Canadian Geographic and Canada’s History

The last time I reviewed a couple of Canadian magazines the subjects were two interesting regional publications focused on the far North.  Now I’d like to mention a couple of other impressive mags to which I subscribe and the geographic scopes of which encompass the entire country.

Cover of April 2011 Canadian Geographic magazine April 2011

Canadian Geographic:  This magazine does an exceptional job of making accessible the country’s many natural wonders.  The writing and photography are superb and the content is varied enough that I believe there’s something for every type of reader in each issue.  The cover story for April’s issue explores the centennial of the establishment of Canada’s national park system, with additional features that include on dark sky preserves for infinite star gazing, the story of Quebec’s Lachine Canal and Labrador’s Mealy Mountains.  The magazine’s website features additional content that complements the print version as well as the mission of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.

Canada's History Magazine - Latest issue!

Canada’s History:  As its name suggests. this publication explores Canada’s history and is the organ of Canada’s National History Society.  Conceived in 1920 by the Hudson’s Bay Company as a promotional piece called the Beaver until 2010 (when it was given its current name), the magazine evolved to have broad national appeal.  Each issue contains a diverse selection of historical accounts and is well laid out and full of engaging book reviews, pictures, maps and other illustrations of bygone times.  Among the stories in the latest issue (April-May) are a piece on the Jesuits’ role in the country’s early history, a story on Canada’s first car and an exploration of many facets of the history of the far northern portions of the country.  Its website also nicely extends the features of print version.

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