Notre-Dame Basilica de Montreal

Notre Dame Basillica Montreal_edited-1

Quebec Month / Installment 15

Even to a casual observer of Quebec culture, the predominance of the Catholic church, at least historically, in the province is evident in many ways, not the least of which is the prominence in many towns of a centrally located Catholic church and the widespread naming of streets and other places for saints.  The Notre-Dame Basilica de Montreal, an impressive gothic structure situated in the Vieux-Montreal area of that city, is perhaps the crown jewel of all these.  My lovely wife took these two images of the intricately ornate interior of the Basilica.

notre dame basillica 3

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    • Hey, Rob, agreed — like so many elaborate structures built so long ago with more basic means of construction, the Basilica is impressive. They’re not HDRs. My wife took these pictures and she generally doesn’t like HDR. She usually shoots in Raw mode and she’s figured out low light photography pretty well.

  1. I just visited there for the first time last week. It was one of the most incredible churches I have ever been in.

  2. My last visit to Montreal was 14 yrs. ago for a weekend while I was living in TO
    I was there during the Fall season and talk about colors!! I never made it inside the Basilica as I had missed the tour for the day. I’m certain the beauty of this cathedral is breathtaking.
    I’ll visit and take time to see more of Montreal’s history.

    • Aimee, thanks for your comments. There are many wonderful things to see in Montreal, including this cathedral. Your photography displayed on your site and blog, by the way, is quite artistic and I like your wide range of subjects. Hope L.A. is suiting you well.

    • Thanks. So true that there are so many amazing things in Canada.

      On a related note, your blog is informative and, by providing additional background information, it nicely complements your main beads and jewelry website. Look forward to learning more through that.

    • Russell, the feeling is mutual with respect to your site. Glad you stopped by and found some interesting things (and I hope Zoey the Cool Cat also approves).

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