Laurence Hyde’s Southern Cross

Southern Cross -- Block 29

Southern Cross — Block 29


In 2007 Ontario’s Firefly Books published Graphic Witness: Four Wordless Graphic Novels, which features four  exceptional examples of the early graphic novel form and the beautiful artistry of its practitioners.   Among these is Canadian Laurence Hyde’s masterful Southern Cross from 1951.  Through a series of 120 striking wood engravings Hyde shares a story that reflects on the impact of nuclear testing on the simple way of life that then existed on Bikini Atoll in 1946.

Southern Cross -- Block 23

Southern Cross — Block 23


Southern Cross -- Block 27

Southern Cross — Block 27


Southern Cross -- Block 107

Southern Cross — Block 107


Graphic Witness Cover

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    • Heather, I think you’ll enjoy the entire book, which is very expressive — my post doesn’t do it justice. I see you’re working on drawing technique so it may be useful for that as well.



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