Halifax’s Beautiful Old Burying Ground

Gravestones, Old Burying Ground, Nova Scotia

Gravestones, Old Burying Ground, Nova Scotia


I find old cemeteries to be serene places for reflection and contemplation, and Halifax’s historic St. Paul’s Church Cemetery, also known as the Old Burying Ground, which dates back to the 1749 founding of the city, is one of the most gorgeous green spaces of this type.  Its many weathered gravestones hint at stories of lives both brief and long — and all so long ago.  The Burying Ground’s charm is evident by, among other things, the numerous times I’ve seen it used as a backdrop for wedding group photography or a leisurely setting for those simply enjoying a good book.

These photos are from an early Fall trip to Halifax a few years ago. [Click images to enlarge.]

“Sacred to the Memory of . . . “, Old Burying Ground, Halifax


Memories For the Ages, Old Burying Ground, Halifax


Solitary Gravestone, Markings Erased, Old Burying Ground, Halifax

Solitary Gravestone, Markings Erased, Old Burying Ground, Halifax


Weathered Gravestones, Old Burying Ground, Halifax

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  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who thinks cemeteries are peaceful. A few years ago I went to my nephew’s wedding in Kauai and opted not to go sightseeing on a boat (I get seasick!) and went on my own adventure with camera in hand. I came across a church and cemetery sign and got off road a mile. It was a very old church and the grounds were empty. A little scary but decided to explore. Went to the cemetery where some headstones were unreadable but the date, which went back over 150 years! I sat and reflected. I wondered what life was like on this island back then. It was very “serene”.

  2. I spent a summer in Nova Scotia about 12 years ago and one of my main memories was a night tour of the Annapolis Royal Cemetery – complete with lanterns. Annapolis Royal was the first (I think) capital of Nova Scotia – beautiful little town (under 1000 I believe) – but I never forgot that tour. Just beautiful – if your Nova Scotia travelling ever gets you out that way.

    • A cemetery tour by lantern light sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing that memory. I’ve been to Annapolis Royal, which is a lovely place, especially the old fort area but not to the cemetery so I’ll seek that out when next there.

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  5. Would this be one of the cemeteries where some of the Titanic passengers were buried? By the way, my yard backs to a cemetery. Best neighbors you could ask for:)

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