Canada’s Oldest Regular Cemetery: Garrison Cemetery, Annapolis Royal, N.S.


Old Tombstones, Garrison Cemetery, Annapolis Royal, N.S.


Canada’s oldest formal cemetery is Garrison Cemetery, which is situated adjacent to historic Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.  While Garrison Cemetery is not as large as the nearly-as-old eighteenth-century burial grounds in Halifax, the setting — amidst the rolling hills of the Fort’s grounds and the sweeping Annapolis River close by — is especially picturesque. Given that Annapolis Royal served as both the capital of Acadia and later as the first capital of Nova Scotia, the well-worn tombstones on the cemetery grounds are quite old indeed, as attested by the protective marker frames in several of the pictures below from a trip last Fall.  (Click any image to enlarge)


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22 responses

  1. I’ve been to the fort and cemetery a few times. It is beautiful there. I’ve been there in the summer only, so I’ve never seen the protection over the stones. The stone support for the walkway in the fort is the picture on the cover of my fantasy novel.

    • Brenda, one of the things I like about such old cemeteries is that they are serene places for reflection and to consider our connectedness to one another, both those who have gone before us and those with us in the present. Bst, Brett

  2. I am especially moved by the one marker that says “mother” – a truth for all of us. I’d be curious about the covered and protected markers – are they having restoration?

    • I agree — such markings are moving and hey catch my attention as well. There’s a gravestone from another cemetery with a “Mother” engraving that is especially poignant that I plan to post on Mother’s Day.

      My understanding is that several of the particularly fragile old headstones are being restored or re-secured and being protected from the weather in the meantime.

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  4. Beautiful pictures!! We are doing genealogy and wondering if you’d happen to know if there is perhaps a list of names somewhere of people buried here?

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