St. Andrews By The Sea, New Brunswick

View Across the Bay, Celtic Cross Park, St. Andrews By the Sea

View Across the Bay, Celtic Cross Park, St. Andrews By the Sea, N.B.


St. Andrews By the Sea is a historic town located in the southwestern corner of New Brunswick (about an hour west of Saint John) across the Passamaquoddy Bay from Maine.  Established as a Loyalist bastion in the late eighteenth century, it is now a resort town featuring magnificent bay views and many well-preserved buildings showcasing early architectural styles.  These photos are from a late Fall visit.

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  1. St. Andrews is one my more favorite places in New Brunswick. I’m from Saint John, just up the bay – but I love walking the beaches in St. A’s. Thanks for the pictoral reminder!

  2. Hi Brett! Your photos brought back some great memories. We stayed here on our recent trip to Canada and loved the relaxed atmosphere, the wide streets, the pier and sparkling sea. Such an interesting area along the Bay of Fundy topped off by the unique experience of walking on the seabed with the Flowerpot Rocks at Hopewell.

    • Jeannette, thanks! It sounds like you had quite a nice trip exploring the Maritimes (I just read your blog entry about your visit) and Scottish history there of which there is plenty. Continued success to you on your Scottish exploration!

    • That seaside scene is up near Capstick, in one of the northernmost points of Cape Breton and is quite a beautiful place. We diverged from the Cabot Trail and explored all manner of backroads and trails on the day we came across this gem of a place. Cape Breton is full of such wonders!

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