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  1. It is such a beautiful area. I’m not sure I’ll make it back there before I have to leave Nova Scotia. Great descriptive words lol

    • Thanks! Maine is also one of my favorite places and it’s much like Nova Scotia and the other maritime provinces with their abundance of lakes, rivers and ocean coasts.

  2. Hey Brett, is the midde of October a good time to visit Nova Scotia, or is the weather usually too bad then? Am researching my next holiday destination. Thanks!

    • Hi, Jay,

      I like that time of year in Nova Scotia, it’s less crowded and is good sweater weather. A trade off is that many restaurants, accommodations, shops and other businesses that cater to travelers start closing in the late Fall and don’t open again until Spring. I’ve never had that be much of a concern but for some that is a bigger deal. A little research on the internet on areas of interest can help to better anticipate what you might find — other than gorgeous scenery and nice people, which can be found in abundance year round.


      • Thanks Brett for taking the time to reply. So many interesting destinations to choose from. But I’ll likely be settling on checking out Appalachia and the music scenes of Nashville and Memphis this fall. I’m pretty sure Nova Scotia will be my destination in the not too distant future. Take care! Jay

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