Pam Hall’s “Apron Diaries”

Pam Hall, Apron Diaries 1

Aprons in the Wind, Port Rexton, Newfoundland, From Pam Hall’s “Apron Diaries”


Pam Hall is among the highly imaginative artists showcased at a current exhibition (through June 1) of contemporary art from the rugged province of Newfoundland at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Ontario.

That exhibition led me to Hall’s  “Apron Diaries”, a series of  installation works around the Trinity and Bonavista areas of Newfoundland in which she displays collections of aprons at worksites (such as upon fish flakes for drying salted cod or hanging at a local bakery or at a fisheries plant) as a celebration of the often unsung labor of women.   Images of wind-fluttered aprons affixed to weathered fish flakes are particularly colorful and moving (literally) tributes to women’s essential work roles in their communities. Pam Hall, Apron Diaries 2

Aprons on a Fish Flake, From Pam Hall’s “Apron Diaries”


Pam Hall, Apron Diaries 3

Aprons Festooned at a Fisheries Plant, From Pam Hall’s “Apron Diaries”


Pam Hall, Apron Diaries 4

Baking Amidst Aprons, From Pam Hall’s “Apron Diaries”


Pam Hall, Apron Diaries 5

More Colorful Aprons on a Fish Flake, From Pam Hall’s “Apron Diaries”


More about Hall , her siteworks and other art can be found at her website here.

(Image Credits:  Pam Hall)

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  1. Amazing 🙂 I love hanging clothes on an outdoors clothes line and the idea of this being turned into an art form thrills me. There is just something about clothes (or aprons) hanging on a line and snapping in a breeze that is absolutely satisfying in a way that is hard to describe. I guess you had to be there 🙂

  2. I have a thing for aprons, so this is right up my alley. Aprons are signs of productivity and maternal figures wrapping you in their arms, and food almost ready, so who could dislike aprons?

  3. Such beautiful work! A gorgeous and powerful tribute to the women whose hard work has been a vitally important part of community survival for generations. I will be heading out to the west coast of NL in just under a week, and these images of Pam Hall’s fine work have me even more excited about the work I will be doing there. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Reblogged this on sydney lancaster: hand & eye and commented:
    A fitting start to the work week, and my last few days before I leave for Newfoundland, and the work for my residency there.

    Beautiful work by Pam Hall (who is based in St. John’s NL), honouring the history and vital importance of women’s work.

    Image credit: Pam Hall.

    Please have a look at her web site:

    Reblogged from O’Canada – which is definitely worth a look as well.

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